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Shaa Hit 21
1- සායම් කිරිල්ලී
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2- ඈත හිමේ
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3- ඔබ දැන් කීවත්
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4- ඔබ ඇපල් මලක් වාගේ
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5- අමතක කරන්න එපා
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6- මම ඇහුවා හොරොන්
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7- අපි දෙන්නා පොකුණයි
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8- මුහුදු රැල්ල
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9- මල් මල් මල්
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10- මේ මාමා
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11- ඈත රන්විමන්
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12- අද හවසට
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13- සඳ කොමලි
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14- නිසුල් තනාරේ
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15- දීගේ අද වාගේ
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16- ආදරියේ රුචිරාණනියේ
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17- එන ඡන්දෙට
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18- ඉර නෑ වෙනස් වෙලා
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19- සතුට විලයි
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20- මාලතී නුබයි
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21- අවුරුදු පනස්තුනයි
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About Shaa FM
Shaa FM returns to the airwaves on 90.9 or 91.1 Island wide! Reaching out to all Sri Lankans who are young at heart, Shaa FM maintains a high listenership and can now be heard on 90.9 or 91.1 Island wide. Offering a tantalizing mix of Sinhala, Tamil and English music, Shaa FM promises to keep your toes tapping all day long with a variety of lively and upbeat tracks. Let us play you as much music as possible every hour, regardless of where you are – at home, at work or on the road. Shaa FM is a member of Rayynor Silva Holdings and a proud brand of Asia Broadcasting Corporation Private Limited - the largest media network in Sri Lanka which has revolutionized the country's media industry forever.
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